How Does a Narcissistic Husband Control His Wife?

¬†When confronted with choices, humans tend to decide according to two different motivations: Humans have generally two life purposes that could be seen as in conflict with each other: a) you want to be happy with your partner; (oriented to … [Read more...]

How to live with a narcissistic partner, I

  Are you asking yourself how to live with a narcissistic partner? We have been talking about concern for self and concern for others. In other words, self-focus and other focus. Any marriage is a yin and yang of this balance... Sometimes it … [Read more...]

Why Does a Narcissistic Husband Reject Sex?

Are you wondering what's the core issue with a narcissistic husband? Here is a very short description: There is a harsh competition between his interest in himself and the degree of care he has for others. In conflict resolution, we look at how … [Read more...]