Passive Aggressive Attachment

What is a passive aggressive attachment? Passive aggressive behavior from a husband is not a reaction to the present wife or the present relationship; rather, it is a learned model of interpersonal attachment, wired in a person's brain early in … [Read more...]

Are you hiding your emotional needs under a “nice person” mask?

Are you presenting a “nice person” image of yourself to avoid all confrontations, but keep feeling fake or left out? Is emotional damage now hidden in your present life? As a child you always wanted to be accepted, and you learned some tricks that … [Read more...]

Who are you? Emotional abuse makes you feel alienated and lost?

Can I ask your attention now, so you can remember who you really are?   We are the product of many ongoing interactions. The “YOU” that woke up this morning in your own bed and is now writing this, is the handiwork of parents and friends, … [Read more...]

Hidden roots of passive aggressive anger

The roots of passive aggressive anger are hidden in our early childhood. I tend to do a lot of internet research...perhaps too much. Of my results, I find that I can agree with very little of what is posted out there. Why is this? because most of … [Read more...]

Is Your Abusive Husband a Grown Up Adult?

 What Are the Indicators of Your Abusive Husband Being a Grown-Up? Perhaps you have the traditional way of thinking of yourself as a grown-up, an adult? With some milestones valid for all of us: it feels good to be independent and responsible and … [Read more...]