Are you hiding under a “nice person” mask?

Are you presenting a “nice person” image of yourself to avoid all confrontations, but keep feeling fake or left out? Is emotional damage now hidden in your present life? As a child you always wanted to be accepted, and you learned some tricks that … [Read more...]

Healing yourself from emotional abuse? Lessons learned here!

There is a long way to be able of completely healing yourself from emotional abuse. I don't believe in blaming the abuse victim, and at the same time I've always subscribed to the philosophy that we are all somehow responsible for our own happiness. … [Read more...]

The Passive Aggressive Dance

WE ARE STUCK IN THIS DANCE: HERS HIS I feel let down, isolated, and lonely. If I  confront you to get you to see what is hurting me and come back to me.. It Just Drives You Away, You became defensive and justify … [Read more...]

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season!

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