Passive Aggressive Husband

Are You Receiving Cold Shoulder Treatment?

When I feel he is “Giving Me the Cold Shoulder,” the dream I’m yearning for is… warmth. Some 78% of the responses expressed: 1. “Although no one should ever be given the cold shoulder, and I don’t agree with him giving it to me, I still want to know why he thinks I deserve it. […]

Are you Victim of Long Silences?

When I experience “Long Silences for No Reason,” the dream I’m yearning for is… connection. We have here some 89% of the responses expressed dreams about: 1. “I would like to feel that he is silent because everything is right between us, and there’s no need to fill up space with words. Unfortunately, the opposite […]

What are your dreams of a healthy, happy relationship?

Reflecting on the conversations going on at AskNora, we can see the common pattern of suffering described by the writers. Each one has a story where her own hopes of a happy life were thwarted by passive aggressive behavior. They were left in what looked like a marriage, but was a well of frustration and […]