Are You Receiving Cold Shoulder Treatment?

When I feel he is “Giving Me the Cold Shoulder,” the dream I’m yearning for is… warmth. Some 78% of the responses expressed: 1. “Although no one should ever be given the cold shoulder, and I don’t agree with him giving it to me, I still … [Read more...]

Are you Victim of Long Silences?

When I experience “Long Silences for No Reason,” the dream I’m yearning for is… connection. We have here some 89% of the responses expressed dreams about: 1. “I would like to feel that he is silent because everything is right between us, and … [Read more...]

What are your dreams of a healthy, happy relationship?

Reflecting on the conversations going on at AskNora, we can see the common pattern of suffering described by the writers. Each one has a story where her own hopes of a happy life were thwarted by passive aggressive behavior. They were left in what … [Read more...]

How Can A Passive Aggressive Person Change?

We hear this question all the time, here and there. Well intentional wives ask this question out of their loving hearts, still assuming that this kind of change is possible. They need so much any bit of hope they can get! Let's try an answer … [Read more...]

Stress and conflict in a passive aggressive marriage

Recent research has shown that our bodies are intertwined with all our emotional states. Our hearts, lungs, stomach and all our internal organs respond to the stress level we experience. Our bodies are faster than the mind to recognize emotional … [Read more...]