Passive Aggressive Husband

Is Your Passive Aggressive Husband in Denial?

Is your passive-aggressive husband in denial?   Some of the hardest tasks in dealing with the passive-aggressive man are dealing with his tricky way of denying his own behavior. Let’s imagine that you have been doing some reading of a good book, or a post in a good blog, and you suddenly get this insight: […]

How to Respond to Passive Aggressive Denial

How many ways can a person use to do a passive-aggressive denial?   Well, he or she can do any one of the following: • Denial of Facts (“That event never happened: I have never forgotten your birthday”) • Denial of Awareness (“I wasn’t aware of that event: Nobody told me that your mother was […]

Don’t Open the Door to Toxic Passive Aggression

You open the door to toxic passive aggression when you stop learning to rely on yourself and your self-esteem We all know by now that a large component of passive-aggressive behavior is the fact that the passive-aggressive person suppresses anger and then channels it out in covert ways. Let’s look at this reaction deeper. If […]