Is Your Passive Aggressive Husband in Denial?

Is your passive aggressive husband in denial?   Some of the hardest tasks in healing the passive aggressive man are dealing with his various ways of denying his own behavior. What are the ways a passive aggressive may deny his toxic … [Read more...]

How to Respond to Passive Aggressive Denial

How many ways can a person use to do a passive aggressive denial? Well, he or she can do any one of the following: • Denial of Facts ("That event never happened: I have never forgotten your birthday") • Denial of Awareness ("I wasn't aware of … [Read more...]

Don’t Open the Door to Passive Aggression

We all know by know that a large component of passive aggressive behavior is the fact that the passive aggressive person suppresses anger and then channels it out in covert ways. Let’s look at this reaction deeper. If you are suppressing anger and … [Read more...]