Relationships are never frozen but moving ahead…

Sometimes,we see situations as frozen in time...completely fixated and impervious to change. Is really difficult to perceive the constant  change we  are going through...and it is easy to deny same changes in our partners..Our loved ones are also … [Read more...]

Need a Fast List of Passive Aggression Signs? Here!

Are you in search of the list of passive aggression signs? For some people, it is not easy to tell whether their friend, family member, or partner shows all or any of passive aggressive signs. In this case, it is helpful to know which communication … [Read more...]

Are you kept in a constant state of fear?

Why keeping a woman in a constant state of fear is the right thing to do, for some husbands This is a shared post, that I bring here because it illustrates the same male thinking underneath passive aggressive mindset: the need to subdue and … [Read more...]

Is He Playing Mind Games with You?

  When I feel that he is “Playing Mind Games with Me,” the dream I’m yearning for is… trust in him. Here we had some 85% of responses expressing the following dreams: 1. “Sometimes I feel like it’s a lost cause to think we can ever … [Read more...]

I’m at my wit’s end with this lonely marriage!

  A dear reader, Paula has written a long comment in AskNora, that pushed me to reflect about the limitations of my work here. She tells about her lonely marriage. And I can't personally embrace her, I can't support her day-to-day up until the moment … [Read more...]