Two To Tango? The Dance of A Passive Aggressive Husband And His Victim Wife

Living with a passive aggressive man is very frustrating because he doesn't follow through on his agreements and promises. He takes on projects but doesn't finish them, then tends to feel put upon or hostile if someone else tries to finish them. His … [Read more...]

How to have your holidays passive-aggression free?

Wishing to have holidays passive-aggression free? In the hurried process of getting the house, and the children and the party preparations running smoothly, you are bumping into a big boulder sitting in your living room. As soon as you try to enroll … [Read more...]

Help: I am single and yet stuck in a marriage with three children!

  I'm stuck in a marriage with three children! she wrote... Some days ago, this posting landed in our comments section, and it was really painful to read. Once you overcome the shock of the pairing of two words that are opposite (who can … [Read more...]

Passive Aggression Kills Love Hormones

Today, we are learning more and more about how your state of mind and your brain/body are connected. This definitely helps when dealing with a passive aggressive spouse, because it legitimizes the things you’re feeling. You have an effect that is … [Read more...]

Teaching Your Husband to Stop: Is This the Cure for Your Unhappiness?

Over the years, most of what we've discussed here has been about how to deal with the impact of your husband's passive aggressive behavior in your life. However, not much attention has gone to helping your husband understand what is going on, and to … [Read more...]