Withholding Sex: How Do You Keep Yourself Alive?

  In a previous post about sexless marriage, we discussed the issue of passive aggressive husbands withholding sex in the marriage. It is a form of punishment that tries to keep you under his control. However, we can also understand it as … [Read more...]

How to Survive in a Sexless Passive Aggressive Marriage

The issue of a sexless passive aggressive marriage is difficult to understand, looks like a contradiction in terms. Why marry if you don't want sex? It goes deeper... Sex as a means of control is something many women struggle with in a passive … [Read more...]

Stop Suffering from a Sexless Marriage

Can Passive Aggression be the cause of a Sexless Marriage? We are living in times of extraordinary stress. Not only because the world around is changing fast, but because the gender balance is shifting...more and more I hear wives complaining about … [Read more...]

Escaping The Sexless Marriage Book

Escaping The Sexless Marriage, is it possible? All marriages have conflicts, that when not addressed touch all other areas of the relationship. Spouses have different styles and expectations about when, how much, in what style should they address … [Read more...]

I’m at my wit’s end with this lonely, sexless marriage!

  A dear reader, Paula has written a long comment in AskNora, that pushed me to reflect on the limitations of my work here. She tells about her lonely marriage. And I can't personally embrace her, I can't support her day-to-day up until the moment … [Read more...]