From a Sexless Marriage to a Real Connection in your Marriage?

sexless marriage

We hear again and again that the main frustration women face is the lack of emotional intimacy...and of course, the best bonding comes from making love frequently! Are you interested in more intimacy and romance?

Is yours a sexless marriage?

Are you now  at a dead end concerning feeling loved by your husband every day?

Do you feel this sore lack of attention that a loving person very near you can give to you?

Of course you are! you have a real need for love and connection, like everybody else, and you keep expecting that this need will be satisfied inside your marriage....
Sadly, this is not happening now, living together with little to no intimacy. The rest of the time you get silence, or various distractions that leave you feeling isolated and rejected.

Many of our readers comment on their sexless marriages, and ask for solutions to this difficult issue.
We have listened to many stories, and found some solutions that work, and we are eager to share them with you.

The news are that we are finishing a complete book on the challenges of sex in a passive aggressive relationship.

It really took a lot of research to understand the hows and whys of a sexless marriage, but finally our work is finished.

We have developed for you a new plan to address this situation in a different way; It takes a change in perception, but offers better results.
You don’t need any more to use reproach or accusations that now embitter your life.

Do you know that this draft has been prepared listening to stories from people like you?

And from all that sharing of your experiences, this book was born.

Now, we just published:   "Escaping The Sexless Marriage: A Practical Manual to Bring Back Intimacy and Trust into a Passive Aggressive Marriage"

and we have comments like this one:

"After 24 years of marriage, I have finally found the answer. This book totally describes my life with my husband perfectly. Out of balance, off kilter, just not right but never being able to put my finger on it. Confused, feeling unloved, going a little more crazy as each year passes. His secrets, lies, withholding information, hiding things from me, justification for everything he did, the stonewalling, the silent treatment, not talking for weeks, etc. etc. and on and on. I was his adversary, but I could never convince him to stop. He battled me on everything. I could not figure out WHY? I reminded him over and over we were on the same TEAM. I could never get through to him. All the years of wasted energy, feeling like I have been through a war. I have become emotionally, mentally, and physically ill trying to be married to this man. Exhausted with no self-esteem or self-confidence left, I have realized there is no hope and I don't want to spend the rest of my life never getting any of my emotional needs met. Now on to the next chapter, trying to get away from him and divorce. Thank you Nora, for helping me realize I am not the crazy one. I am sad. I think about how my life and my children's lives could have been, had I married a normal, loving human being. I could have spent years focusing more on my girls than my crazy-making husband/relationship. I spent years being angry and depressed, my normal loving personality shot to hell. Everyone saw him as the nicest guy in the world and thought I was the crazy one. Actually, I was - he made me that way. My advice to anyone - get away from them if things seem not-quite-right. I only wish I could have done it long ago."

Does this comment reflects somehow your situation? Do you want support and understanding?

 If,  after downloading this ebook in your Kindle, or on your screen, you feel that you want to be connected with Nora and ask her your questions,  or be connected with others with the same problem, then you can do it here, at the bottom of this page! We do read and answer all comments!

This is your opportunity to send your comments, experiences and personal stories for others to share and to receive part of this online community and you will:

  • know for sure what kind of attachment your husband has
  • how to create/be his secure base to cancel his attachment fears
  • how to introduce the issue of reciprocal satisfaction so he listens to you

Your life will be easier this way!

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  1. Hi Nora, I bought my copy of The Art of Living with a Passive Aggressive Husband, but I didn’t hear anything about this book, “Love, Sex and Passive Aggression.” Can I get in on this? This is something that is really a problem in my marriage. I am still working on the keys I have learned in the first book. Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    are you connected to this project? The first batch of mails delivering the copy of “Love, Sex and Passive Aggression” has been sent today….Now, we are waiting for the response of our dear friends….Is this book going to help understand the roots of a sexless marriage? Are there solutions to change the situation?
    You are also invited to get your copy, and comment!