Seven keys to grow your self-esteem

How to grow your self-esteem  Life demands a complicated balance...we are asked to care for the relationship, be ready to listen and understand our partner, and at the same time, coming almost last, is our self-growth. Why is this so? postponing … [Read more...]

Being grateful under duress shows a strong self-esteem

Being grateful under duress shows a strong self-esteem?     This is a hard question, even for me. There are some moments in my own life, that the only answer at that time would be: "Nothing to be grateful for here, there is too … [Read more...]

Do you know about the art of letting go?

We hear a lot about the fact that sometimes the only solution for our pain is "letting go..." What does it mean, and why it looks so difficult to accomplish? Do you remember attachment? we have explained in several ways how attachment works and … [Read more...]

How to Learn to Be Happy For No Reason

 How can you Learn to Be Happy For No Reason? When you read most of the comments posted at AskNora, you can watch a lot of pain and loneliness. Sometimes I have a heavy heart watching so many women still waiting for a bit of happiness in their … [Read more...]

Boosting Your Self Esteem – See the Holidays as an Opportunity, Not an Obstacle

Do you need to boost your self-esteem? Here and now we have ideas... Often hopes are high for a happy and even romantic holiday season, with examples all around of snuggling couples and fireplaces, parties with champagne and mistletoe, and … [Read more...]