Passive Aggressive Husband

Questions and Answers about Passive Aggression


Sometimes, we need to share ideas with other people as to understand completely some conflictive issues...getting feedback helps us put issues in perspective. In this blog, we usually propose to you some texts that you can read and think about by yourself...

Now, this is a different take: you have here a dialogue with questions and answers about the main issues of PA Behaviors. Perhaps this way of interaction can help you get clarity, or start a discussion, or get you thinking about a new angle....

Whatever your response, you are always welcome to post here your reactions. We will follow through, of course, with more back and forth about how, why, and what of managing this very difficult challenge with loved ones who hide under passive aggression....Our constant purpose is to help you develop a healthy self esteem...Enjoy the answers, and thanks for keeping connected with this blog!

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