Get more appreciation on Valentine’s Day

  Valentine's Day invites us to ask: How is our relationship doing?  Is there any spark left? Is it the sanctuary against life's storms we dream it to be? Can we safely express positive emotions to each other? Regardless of the testing … [Read more...]

Are you kept in a constant state of fear?

Why keeping a woman in a constant state of fear is the right thing to do, for some husbands This is a shared post, that I bring here because it illustrates the same male thinking underneath passive aggressive mindset: the need to subdue and … [Read more...]

Is it Love Or Marital Control ?

Are You Under Marital Control?  Marital control is too common, almost automatic... done by finding ways of putting down the other. Perhaps we should be teaching this lesson to our 5-year-old daughters, so they grow up aware of what expects … [Read more...]

Passive Aggression as a Defensive Skill?

Why using a defensive skill in a personal relationship? I now think passive aggression behavior is selected to be used as a defensive skill to protect against a controlling parent or person from the past. The child, unable to leave, or to confront, … [Read more...]

Is there a Power Battle at Your Home?

Passive aggressive behavior does not happen in a vacuum; it is a response inside an interaction with someone else. Basically, in this interaction, one is doing the passive resisting and the other is getting frustrated, in an endless power battle. We … [Read more...]