Passive Aggressive Husband

Why Passive Aggressive Men are so Attractive?

Quite often, we’ll have comments from readers wondering how they could have been so blind to their spouse’s passive aggression and the toxic feelings they create. Some wives admit that they went back to their husbands multiple times, acquiescing to what the husbands wanted, without really knowing why they took the risk of being hurt […]

The vicious circle of a passive aggressive marriage

The vicious circle of interaction in a passive-aggressive marriage The starting point is not clear. Perhaps she is taking over all domestic responsibilities by herself and he is enjoying the free ride; After some time, she begins resenting the load, and complains to him; He refuses to “understand the problem” and what is expected of […]

Get more appreciation on Valentine’s Day

  Valentine’s Day invites us to ask: How is our relationship doing?  Is there any spark left? Is it the sanctuary against life’s storms we dream it to be? Can we safely express positive emotions to each other? Regardless of the testing and evaluative questions we ask ourselves, remember that there are some deep wishes […]