Passive Aggressive Husband

Are you now under any kind of emotional abuse?

healing abuse

Of the many situations that can produce hurt and sorrow for married women, the presence of an abusive husband is one of the more painful ones. Why? because this is the person selected by us to love and respect us, and for ever...

Such a terrible irony that the same person can inflict so much damage to us, to the relationship, and to the children growing up around us. This contradiction makes us to react in misguided ways: blaming ourselves, trying to comfort the person who hurts us, and in general denying the long lasting impact of abuse on us...and on our children.

Growing up and living with abuse weakens the the same cloth of connections that help us live and develop together. And to repair abuse with trust and respect takes a long way, and several steps: getting to know what is abusive behavior, protecting our own self-esteem, negotiating with abusive people, and sometimes it takes the breakup of the relationship that already is too much pain to bear.

Putting our best ideas together, now we offer a new blog:,

that opens three different paths for healing. You can have coaching person to person with me; you can have a short course to learn more about abuse,sharing with other women and you can have a selection of books to read on your own.., It all depends on what you need just now to be able to improve your life and stop abuse.

Would you like to visit? We have a great gift for you: The Stop Abuse Now, that you can read at home in your own time.

Whatever the level of your need, here and now, we are with you. Let us know how we can help to make your life happier!





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