Passive Aggressive Husband

Swedish DiningNurture Your Emotional Needs, Enjoy the Holidays

In many families, emotional needs are under attack by snide comments and frustrating, irritating actions that can pile up faster than presents under the tree at the holidays.  Our worst sides show, as do those of our loved ones, rather than the best when the pressure of the holidays comes on and families are obligated to get together to “celebrate.”

A Passive Aggressive husband and his personal struggles with relationships and stress are difficult to deal with on any normal day, but at the holidays he can be unbearable.  Not only do his behaviors often get worse, but you need to navigate the emotional waters of interacting with the other members of the family as well.  Anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness, and sheer exhaustion threaten to overwhelm any sense of joy at the holidays.

 But you deserve the joy, peace, and love the holidays are supposed to bring, no matter how insane your family gatherings can feel.  You deserve emotional health during the holidays as much as any other gift to your self-esteem.  And you can get there because you are strong enough.  That strength may just be hiding under the emotional weight of your family holiday.

As in other stressful situations,  a little outside perspective and advice can go a long way in helping you find your strength and use it to bring calm and joy into your season. Get some support this year, don’t suffer alone, instead have a happier holiday!

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