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Why Not Taking Anything Personally in Life is Forgiveness in Action!

Let's use some time today to learn how not taking anything personally in life is actually the expression of forgiveness in action. Why do you ask?

Well, when we perceive someone or something that is upsetting us, this is happening because we are judging what we are seeing according to our belief system and personal point of view. What follows the judgment is an emotional reaction to our own thoughts and judgments -- not to what is happening outside of us. When we do this, we're mentally condemning someone or something and the result is our instantaneous unhappiness.

Unfortunately, most folks don't have an understanding of the way the mind processes information and so they think that what's happening outside of them is what's upsetting them and this is not the truth. What is true is that they're upsetting themselves with their own thought-forms.

Forgiveness means we understand that we don't have to agree with what we're seeing; we realize that everyone takes actions based on their personal beliefs. Of course, some actions are uplifting and others are not.

As spiritually aware people we recognize that people don't always have awareness of the effects their actions and words are having. We forgive not because of what others have done or said -- but because they are unaware that any fear-based actions they did to you, they ultimately hurt themselves.

If we get angry and judge them, we're as unaware as they are in the moment because; first, we're not acknowledging that they have a right to have a point of view; second, we're in ignorance of their non-awareness; and third, we're not aware of how we're taking their words and deeds personally!

Truly, life gives us infinite opportunities to practice forgiveness since we're constantly confronted with situations that we can judge -- if we choose to. If you no longer get upset or judge others, essentially you understand the truth of life (that nothing is personal), and you're practicing forgiveness in every moment.

As soon as you make the commitment not to take the words and deeds of others personally you're putting forgiveness into action.

However, once you take the action (consciously or unconsciously) to make a judgment, you'll become upset and then you'll need to forgive. But if you choose to change that pattern of judging and decide to acknowledge that -- "people do what they are going to do and it isn't always what we want, wish or hope for" -- you'll be living your life in a constant state of forgiveness.

And that's the ultimate blessing and expression of unconditional love and compassion!

I encourage you to take action and let go of your ego's need to be right and to take everything in life personally. Put forgiveness into action in every moment and see how peaceful your life becomes!

All my love & blessings,

P.D.: words from our blogger friend: Sheri Rosenthal

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