How Does a Narcissistic Husband Control His Wife?

 When confronted with choices, humans tend to decide according to two different motivations: Humans have generally two life purposes that could be seen as in conflict with each other: a) you want to be happy with your partner; (oriented to … [Read more...]

The pain of living with a narcissistic husband?

Talking about the pain of living with a narcissistic husband   Are You Married To a Narcissistic Husband?     There is no other situation as marriage to allow an intimate view of the person at your side. It is through … [Read more...]

Being 50 and ready to divorce a narcissistic husband?

When one of my readers of this blog posted this comment: "I never wanted to use the word "divorce" as an empty threat...but I followed through on the 3rd time & have never looked back.  Personally at 56 years, this is not what I wanted; I just … [Read more...]

How to Stop a Narcissistic Husband?

 Do you happen to be married to  a narcissistic husband? You are in the middle of a conversation with any new acquaintance, and suddenly realize that, whatever the issue you are talking about, this person manages to drag the conversation towards … [Read more...]

How to improve living with a narcissistic partner, part II

Is living with a narcissistic partner impossible? Once you have done step number 1, and  feel that you are in the path of re-building your own center, we need to talk about addressing the challenge of living with a narcissistic partner from another … [Read more...]