Love, Sex and
Passive Aggresive Behavior

All along your marriage, you have been in a confusing situation, due to the contradiction between his words and his's demoralizing, and you don’t know what else to do to survive ...

If You Are Going To Continue Married You Need This Guide!

eBook cover, The Art of Living with a Passive Aggressive Husband

Are You Living in a Sexless Marriage?

Do you find yourself feeling rejected or neglected physically by your partner and wondering what could be going wrong? Is the bedroom just one of the places in your marriage that you are feeling alone or confused?

If so it’s time to recognize the connection between physical and emotional needs and how important it is for both to be met in a relationship. It’s time to learn about how Passive Aggressive Behavior and its root cause are are tearing down the intimacy and trust in your marriage. Its time to make changes and get your needs met.

This book helps you explore the connections between emotional needs, attachment styles, and passive aggressive behavior and how all those play a role in your sex life and vice versa!
After years of study, providing successful relationship counseling, and life coaching, author Dr Nora Femenia, Ph.D. offers in depth insight into relationships strained by passive aggressive behavior and ways to cope and heal your sexual relationship with your partner.


Thanks for your website and your book "Love, Sex and Passive Aggressive Behavior". Your literature on the site and in the book has helped me immensely, in fact I was seperated ( i was fed up and kicked my husband out) when i started reading your directions . My husband and I have started on the long mostly turbulent road of healing our marriage, though most of the methods are really difficult i was able to understand what actually is going on in my husband's mind. I also am attending counselling so this has all helped me in resolving my anger and depression and knowing how to deal with behaviours from my PA husband, not caused by me but because the way he grew up with his family! I never suspected this terrible childhood had an effect on him now. He is back home now and our relationship has changed a lot. I have a thousand questions i would like to ask you about the methods in your book but i will leave it for another time.

I just wanted to Thank you for all your help.



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cover, The Art of Living with a Passive Aggressive Husband


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