Living with a stone around your neck? Drop it!



I realize now that he is a stone around my neck.

He does not love me, he hates me and loves the game.

He abandoned me a long time ago.

He is handsome, well educated, has a good sense of humor and never gets mad unless it is to sabotage something or as a reason to just give up and not do something that I want done.

He actually volunteered to go to counseling and made the appointment. I was impressed. I took leave from work and showed up but he didn't.
I give up, I am shattered, I am done, I have accommodated his behaviors and he just raises the bar.

It isn't me, it is him.

I can't fix him, I can't make him understand what he is doing to hurt me, so he must love to hurt me... and he is unable to stop.

I can not stay just to be rejected day after day. I am planning my get away.

One son just got married and one is going off to college.

In addition to my daytime career, I have taken on a college teaching position several nights a week and am actively looking for a new home.

(Text taken from the AskNora comment page, written by one of the readers.) Can you visit and leave your own story there? (Story above was only the first part of the challenge)

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  1. Just received this short note, from Maria. She was telling me the reason for leaving this site:
    “I asked my husband to leave finally after 11 years of horror and now I’m in a normal relationship with a regular, normal man! Just that. Now I don’t have to be studying every move or word he did or said, etc Now I am just living!”
    Don’t you think it is great? she was able to throw the stone away!

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