Passive Aggressive Husband

happy relationshipsWishing to have holidays passive-aggression free?

In the hurried process of getting the house, and the children and the party preparations running smoothly, you are bumping into a big boulder sitting in your living room. As soon as you try to enroll him into preparations for holiday visits, parties or mere festive grocery-shopping, you find the blockage of his subtle resistance. His words can be "later," "not now," "next time I go to that part of town." or simply forgetting instead of challenging you, the answer is a NO.

Deep in the pit of your stomach you feel that as always you are running on empty. The tank of shared responsibility, of cooperation is empty...and the search for his positive engagement is draining you. So, before you lose your enthusiasm for making this party a good one for your loved ones, you yield to his resistance, go around him and try to ignore the large stone filling the living room...

Is this year going to be the same as others?

Can't you have some hope that this time something will be different, like being passive-aggression free?

 We want to share with you some proposals especially developed for the men that continue using passive resistance in their marriages.

We invite them in this way, assuming that you have shared with your man the need to face passive aggression at home, perhaps pushed him to take the passive aggressive test, and then hitting a wall:

Here is the post, directed to a passive aggressive man:

Still thinking about your next step? Up until today, you have done everything right:

  • you began learning about the issue of passive aggression;
  • you then took the test;
  • you received your results and have ruminated since then;
  • and you keep asking yourself: what should I do now?

Now, you need to move into decision mood!

Does it happen to you that you feel trapped by the same repetitive situations in life? Constant fighting with your wife is one of the most commons, not a lot of fun, but it happens almost automatically, and when you less expect it… As the worst kind of action in life is inaction. If you are experiencing a long-term confrontation in your marriage, and it’s taking its toll, the time for action is now.

I work primarily with men who are at a crossroads in their marriage. For them, communication with their spouse has faltered. At the same time, his wife is pressing him about an issue that she feels needs resolution. She pressures and prods him to accept and change his passive aggression, only to cause him to feel accused, shut down and shut her out. Behavior on both sides keeps escalating into rejection and contempt, and the union is slowly dying.


It begins with a confidential and simple test done at your leisure. The passive aggressive test helps you find whether you have common passive aggressive traits. By understanding what these traits are – and if you use them or not – you’ll understand the reason they are part of your personality, and correct them. Perhaps you are already familiar with it, so it's OK.

Next Step: find more information here  :

And perhaps, this is the best gift you can ask the universe to give you in this holidays....a marriage free of passive aggression!
We tell you how to make it happen...share this link: Your Next Step is in Your Hands, with him!

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