How to get free from emotional abuse

"title" class="a-size-large a-spacing-none" style="text-align: center;">Breaking Free from Emotional Abuse: Restore Your Joy by Healing Your Life



This book aims to be one of the few that actually take into account the deep confusion victims feel about their abusers. It addresses the insecurity of the victim, acknowledging that many people will hold out until the very end, hoping that the abuser, someone they are deeply in love with, will change.

For this reason, the book not only addresses how to leave an emotionally abusive relationship, but how to stay, if needed, and survive. Readers receive a “checklist” for each option, where the book breaks down what needs to be kept in mind, what should be prepared, and what boundaries need to be set in each case. Extra topics covered in the book are how to intervene on a friend’s emotional abuse situation, and what emotional abuse “hooks” are to avoid getting caught with.

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  1. Do you want to see Popular Highlights from Readers of this Book?
    Abuse really starts because of insecurity or trust issues within the abuser.
    (88 Highlighters)
    To truly recover from emotional abuse, we must choose to stand for our rights and demand to be treated with the respect we deserve. (78 Highlighters)
    It’s important to see that the only way out of this nightmare is to recover your own power by stop participating in an emotionally abusive relationship. This means letting go of the victim’s role and starting to work on personal issues and self esteem, in order to strengthen our interactions and relations with others. Without this, recovery from emotional abuse cannot start. (76 Highlighters)
    During emotional abuse, the abuser will take whatever they know is a weak spot for the other person, and use it against them. Through insults, critiques and threats, the abuser devalues the other person and tries to take away their self-esteem. (76 Highlighters)
    Because owning to the abuse is terribly difficult: too painful to see yourself in the mirror and see that you are the person hurting the people you love the most? (72 Highlighters)
    As you can see, readers love the message of this book!

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