Help for your Passive Aggressive Husband!

Do you wonder what kind of extra help for your passive aggressive husband is out there?

Up until now, you have done so much to find a solution...:

  • You have tried couples' therapy, and it didn't work because there was no special focus on this PA interaction.
  • Either he refused to go, or when he did go, he never mentioned anything that could give the therapist hints about the childhood roots of his passive aggressive behavior.
  • You have talked to him, pleaded, cried and expressed all the desperation and loneliness present in your life now, to no avail.
  • Nothing changes, and you are ready to act on your ultimatum and leave...

After reading our postings, sharing your stories in AskNora, and receiving advice from Coach Nora and from other women here, perhaps you are ready to step to the next level?

This new program is a great opportunity for you, because now you will stop complaining to him, with no response, and begin telling your husband that there is something he can do NOW!

First Step: You can begin inviting him to a free test, to get to know how much of this passive behavior behavior is hurting your relationship now:

Second step: after looking at the numbers of men accepting that they either choose to do PA, or have no other way of reacting to the inevitable interactions in marriage than to do cold shoulder, resistance to cooperate in the home chores and in general a stubborn resistance to communicating with their partner,  we developed this system geared to help the husband himself take charge of his change:

The 4 Steps to FREE Your Marriage of Passive Aggression is composed of two parts: the Manual: "The Silent Marriage Solution: How stopping passive aggression improves your relationship, and makes your marriage stronger."

heal passive aggression  

 And the "WORKBOOK" with useful exercises to apply the knowledge to your own life:


workbook for passive aggression

Of course, we know that one of the strategies of your husband will be to deny and resist taking the test, or perhaps taking the second step of reading the Manual...

It will do real damage to the relationship, because it will convey lack of desire to make things better for the two of you. Here is a very positive way you can use to invite him to get a look at the program:

"We are in this marriage together, and we need to face some issues we have been suffering from some time ago. Now, it came to my attention that there is this program available for us. Would you look at it for me? It would be helping me feeling supported and understood in my wish for us to be happier in our marriage."

Now, you have a tool to improve your marriage and your life....use it!

Of course, we are always ready to answer any question you can have, just write below....

To your happiness!

P.D. Do you want to know how successful is this program?

Listen to this story:

"I had this wrong view of my wife as being below anybody in my life (because she was “criticizing me”),  so I was putting attention on anybody before her... as you call it, the bottom up approach instead of the top down view!

I know now that I can not change how my wife treats me... However, I can change how I treat my wife, and when I change how I treat my wife, she can't help but treat me differently!  Wow! What a find this one was for our relationship! We are both exceptionally grateful!’’

Lucas Pittman

And another:

"Dr. Nora,
I can't thank you enough for your straightforward and caring answers. You've been there with me through thick and thin, even in those moments when I faced deciding between what I want to do (my usual PA behavior) and what I need to do for changing the marriage. YOU KNEW HOW TO DO THE RIGHT PUSH SO I WOULD TRY A NEW, BETTER RESPONSE! NOW, when I know what needs to be done and still wish to retreat and be alone, your words remind me that this option is no longer a choice for me. And it makes such a difference! Nina and I already feel better together, but I know we will continue to reap the benefits of your help for years to come."
Amir Gonzalez
And remember, when he gets the two books, and works on the materials, then he is ready for his  included phone coaching session, to answer questions, come up with a change plan, and get motivated by his coach. This package really helps!