How to be yourself and get your power back!

So many times my female clients ask how they can change their passive aggressive partner…and my only response is: You can’t! You have to be yourself first! I know, it is discouraging…I would love to have a different answer, but my only one  is … [Read more...]

Is your summer self alive and connected in a healthy relationship??

Feeling alive and connected? Just getting into summer, and the beach beckons. Here in Florida the snowbirds are gone, and you can have the beach all to yourself. You can shout, sing to the waves, and feel connected with the universe...even land on … [Read more...]

Five Tools For A Healthy Relationship

How to have a healthy relationship? Sometimes, I get asked the formula for happiness. Marital happiness, I mean, not any other...and after so many posts mapping loneliness, mistrust, and emotional abandonment, I feel that I can say something about … [Read more...]

Having a healthy relationship with yourself!

  How to develop a healthy relationship with yourself Yes, we hear can you be in the mood to celebrate your other people, if you feel like in the middle of this constant emotional desert? After so many abusive expressions and … [Read more...]

Do You Want A Healthy Relationship?

Are You Dreaming of Developing a Healthy Relationship?   Perhaps you know me as the person who always writes about heartache and love frustrations? Well, yes, that is because I want to offer good advice for those heart pains.. Some other … [Read more...]