How to Heal Damage from a Passive Aggressive Relationship

Sympathische Geschäftsfrau   This is my Xmas message, and I want to be sure you get an inspiring message from here! Being in a passive aggressive marriage slowly chips away at important parts of your self-esteem. Why not using the end of the year as an opportunity to make a simple plan for your survival and happiness? As the average wife takes several years compiling the information, to get to a realistic appraisal of her situation means that some damage is already done when she verifies the presence of PA in her relationship. Please, can you look at the possible main impacts:

  • You feel constantly ignored and made feel insignificant
  • You feel abandoned in the satisfaction of your emotional needs
  • You feel sexually unappreciated, and last:
  • You feel silenced when you mention the starvation of support and affection you experience.
Even if you are still feeling insecure about why you feel in this way, you need to decide, here and now, that you are a person worthy of attention: This is a task that nobody can do for you: you need to begin just NOW to work on appreciating yourself. Perhaps the impact of your husband's lack of appreciation is building up on a deficient self-image from your childhood? More reason to make a commitment with yourself, and begin accepting that you can't keep waiting to feel better through his positive comments. You need to know your own worth regardless of what other people see on you.
There is more help in this Kindle book, as you will find a complete map to reinforce self-esteem and detach from the impact of your husband's lack of appreciation.
You don't need to know why he is doing it, the only aspect that matters now is the progressive damage it can do to your identity. Boosting Your Self Esteem: Be Your Own Heroine! Waiting for your comments, and suggestions....
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  1. Well said & thank you for sharing your positive message of walking towards the light of hope!

  2. Just replying to this final year message Nora….as I mentioned to you after 4 3/4 years I have made a plan for my future…that is stepping out of the identity of “pa” behaviour and “emotional abuse”……that the “storyline” needed to end so a new and better life could begin with a more “whole” identity. I am so grateful for these online tools and others that I have reached out to for support….may all the women on this site walk towards their light as the Christmas light of hope approaches.

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