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Escaping The Sexless Marriage, is it possible?

All marriages have conflicts, that when not addressed touch all other areas of the relationship. Spouses have different styles and expectations about when, how much, in what style should they address each other, including how they connect sexually with each other. Controlling the partner using passive aggressive behaviors happens in all parts of married life: daily life, child rearing, financial planning and sexual life. When it happens in the sexual arena, then you have a sexless marriage.

This battle is the worst, because it brings endless misery to both sides.

If couples don't face this challenge in a creative way they risk having a lifeless marriage.

In our popular Kindle book, “Escaping the Sexless Marriage: A Practical Manual to Bring Back Intimacy and Trust into a Passive Aggressive Marriage," we at Creative Conflict Resolutions, Inc bring a wealth of information about the causes of this behavior, and explain what can be done to restore a more satisfactory connection between the partners.

The book begins by studying childhood experiences, coming up with interesting conclusions in the realm of passive aggressive psychology: passive aggression may be largely dependent on the attachment model learned within the child’s relationship to his care-taker.

Finding the original cause for the behavior reduces the hostility resulting from sexual frustration, because now they can see the resistance to sexual intimacy as based on a very early mindset and not as the result of a conscious decision to isolate and frustrate their spouse in the sexual arena.

Having the husband owning this fact allows him to find a way of managing his own responses better and so to redress the damage done to the relationship.

We want you to have this tool to heal the pain and frustration in your marriage, so click on this link and get your Kindle book:

“Escaping the Sexless Marriage: A Practical Manual to Bring Back Intimacy and Trust into a Passive Aggressive Marriage,"


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