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Having your Conflict Coach helps when changing behaviors

conflict coachHow is  having a conflict coach connected with a sporting challenge?

Felix Baumgartner faced an almost unthinkable challenge last weekend and of course, the fear that naturally went with it.  The challenge and the fear nearly kept him from achieving his incredible goal, a goal that had become mightily important to him despite the risks he would take to reach it.

What made the difference?

The coach was coming from his control room. We had the opportunity to see this interaction, making this extraordinary challenge a reality. Felix's coach was guiding Felix step by step, towards the jump, in such a way that the risky factors were controlled and the pilot made the jump front of the whole world watching.

The key to Baumgartner’s success came in the form of a great coach.

Often, we find ourselves in relationship situations that are overwhelming and blind us to other perspectives, or ideas for solutions, even though our goal is to solve the problem and rebuild our relationships to get back the close emotional bond and happiness we once felt.

Challenges can be frightening as we find ourselves at risk of emotional pain as threatening to our hearts as Baumgartner’s extreme challenge was threatening to his life.

The key to achieving our relationship goals is no different that Baumgartner’s - having a great life coach.
A coach can guide us, step by step, through the process, fears, set-back and steps forward to reach the success, and happiness, we are seeking.

Having someone we trust, someone with knowledge and experience in our situations, but someone outside of us, who can look at our goal and our process with objectivity and calm is just as vital and just as helpful in relationship challenges as in other struggles in life.

With a confident, knowledgeable and caring coach, we can be watched over, advised and literally guided step by step as we navigate the process of resolving relationship issues, diving into healing, into difficult conversations, into understanding each other.  A coach can talk us through our fears, answer our questions, design the change process adapted to our needs, and even tell us when we are truly ready, and as safe as we can be, to JUMP into a new life.

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