“COMING BACK TO YOUR OWN LIFE” recording is here!


Several days ago, I told you about this seminar:  "COMING BACK TO YOUR OWN LIFE" that I was doing together with my friend Michael Jason Sherman, MA. It was a great opportunity for me to share my ideas about that space between single-hood and relationship where you are in a quest to recover your own self...It's an issue I do care about, have books on the issue on how to get back to yourself, (in Spanish: "Yo soy Mia" ("I'm my own person") and in general write about here in my blog.

Now, if you registered for the call, this link has been sent to you. If you did not register, you can listen to the recording here and now...Below is the recording of the call for you to listen, discuss and use:


Thank you so much! I appreciate having you in this blog, and hope to serve you with my soul reflections


About Neil Warner

Neil Warner is the CTO of Creative Conflict Resolutions. He offers strategies to heal difficult issues in a relationship, such as anger and passive aggression. His latest program, Stop Your Passive Aggression, offer a plan for action to change your life by eliminating passive aggressive behaviors from your interactions with your loved one.


  1. Thank you so much Neil for the reply. Its very helpful because part of the hurt is always lack of a solution.
    However if i leave he will not support me financially and 4 kids require a lot of financial care. I may separate without living the house but also you know their temper tantrums when they don’t get attention. Thank you please don’t post this for confidentiality. God bless your work. Your articles have been helpful that’s why i picked the courage to write.

  2. Liz,
    you are trapped because having four minor children is difficult to consider the option of leaving him. You don’t say if you can support them in a reasonable way. Without this concern, I would say that you need to recover your self-esteem and leave him. Only in this way he will reconsider his behavior. What he is doing is something that has no place in a normal family, and it will slowly destroy your sense of self. If you can mobilize some support from your family, and take the children and go somewhere, at least for a couple of weeks, he would get the message of the hurt he is producing. Please, stop “forgiving” because it’s not your role to forgive so he can have the next escapade…Be serious, tell him that this behavior has to stop, that is destroying your integrity to be a good mother, but only when you have managed to find an alternative secure place and some help to deal with you and the children. Sending you all my support,

  3. Dear Neil thank you for all the articles. With my passive Aggressive husband/? narcissist we have 4 kids 13,7,5 and 3. I feel i cannot tolerate his multiple sexual affairs any more. I find myself forgiving but now i have alot of anger, rage and resentment towards him. Please advise me

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