Boosting Your Self Esteem – See the Holidays as an Opportunity, Not an Obstacle

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Often hopes are high for a happy and even romantic holiday season, with examples all around of snuggling couples and fireplaces, parties with champagne and mistletoe, and nostalgia bringing about innocence and softness to many.  Despite the anxiety or dread you may feel based on past, painful holidays, you can’t help but harbor some hope for things to be different, even magical this year.  It is natural; advertisements, movies, greetings cards all say it is possible.


The truth is, many aspects of the holidays actually have the ability to bring you down instead.  With so much openness to the goodness of the holidays and so many extra opportunities for emotionally charged events and moments, your self-esteem can be bruised deeply if something doesn’t go well.  You may be working with your passive-aggressive partner to change the behaviors that damage your relationship and bring you down.  Or you may not have begun this change yet.  Either way, the holidays can be especially challenging for your self-esteem if you live with a passive-aggressive partner and you will need to take special care of yourself over the holidays to stay strong.

This is a challenge you can overcome though, keeping your self-confidence high during and after the holidays, and even developing a stronger self-image.  The season doesn’t matter when it comes to building yourself up, it is only something to be aware of so that you can make the most of your circumstances.  Take the opportunities in front of you this season and use them to practice new skills in self-esteem boosting.

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  1. It’s hard to connect self esteem with the holidays…the only thing I can do is slow through and try to survive…with so many demands on my time and emotions, I try to endure the end of the year and go ahead. Luckily, we are past this dreadful time and I can think back on what to do to appreciate my life and feel better…thanks anyhow for the push!

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