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Nora Femenia, Ph.D, is the CEO of Creative Conflict Resolutions and the author of the book: "The Art of Living with a Passive Aggressive Husband," a field guide for women that have to deal with passive aggression in their partners. Nora also posts regularly on her blog Creative Conflicts.

How many times hubby needs you? let me count the ways

A most frustrating aspect of living with a passive aggressive man is that he has perfected the art of not following through on his agreements and promises. He takes on big projects but never finishes them, then tends to feel put upon or hostile if … [Read more...]

How a passive aggressive man ends a relationship?

How a passive-aggressive man ends a relationship? You are asking: if a husband is using passive-aggressive behaviors to control the relationship, is it possible that he would by himself, decide to leave? This is a complex assumes … [Read more...]

When is the right moment to leave a passive aggressive marriage?

Some time ago, among the many letters from readers, a reader under the name "Kitten" wrote: "I have read the information in this blog. The "changes" in men seem to be because they "see the light" of their horrid ways.  How many times does … [Read more...]

Ready to leave your Passive Aggressive Husband?

Are You Considering Divorcing Your Passive Aggressive Husband?   The decision to divorce anyone is a very difficult one, but it can be especially hard if you are married to a passive-aggressive. Because one day he is acting nice to you, and … [Read more...]

Not Taking Personally Anything Done By an Abusive Husband is Forgiveness in Action!

Why Not Taking Anything Personally in Life is Forgiveness in Action! Let's use some time today to learn how not taking anything personally in life is actually the expression of forgiveness in action. Why do you ask? Well, when we perceive someone … [Read more...]