Having a secret contract sabotages any marriage

  Is there a secret contract in marriages? Why is this image of marriage as a new beginning so strong? There is a hidden hope in all of us that after this new opportunity to have a better life that is getting married, our partners would keep … [Read more...]

Living with a too controlling partner? Want a solution?

Tired of living with a controlling partner? This morning a delightful young woman taking care of my broken cell phone confided that she was going through a rough patch, "with my fiancee controlling everything I do...he accuses me of infidelity each … [Read more...]

Do you see me? connection and love are twins

Do you see me? do you love the things I love? We do all the time little requests for connection from/to each other. The usual "how do you do?" is an opening for a conversation that even when it does not happen, has the possibility installed there. … [Read more...]

The Four Relationship Killers: do you know them?

The Four Relationship Killers —  Relationship problems are common...And sometimes you have them over and over and over. Now there is a lot of good research on relationship pathologies. So who can provide answers to relationship challenges? Dr. … [Read more...]

Build a Stronger Relationship: How to Deepen Trust

When you have a bit of time to catch up with your environment, news are coming at you with undue speed. You can choose an international epidemic, a new war starting, rumors coming from permanent crisis  around. Perhaps if you look around your home, … [Read more...]