Late Divorce and Passive Aggression: are they connected?


Looking at the link between late divorce and passive aggression There are two pieces of information I'm connecting. Many times, when one of our readers decide to leave the site, she offers her answer to the "Why are you leaving this site?" … [Read more...]

How to tell if your husband is a grown up adult?

Wearing eyeglasses

 What are the indicators of growing up? Perhaps you have the traditional way of thinking of yourself as a grown up, an adult? With some milestones valid for all of us: it feels good to be independent and responsible and capable and competent. It … [Read more...]

Being Ignored in Your Marriage Hurts!

What are the human needs about receiving some kind, caring attention?  Just look what happens when attention is not given: Looking for a new approach to the issue of healing the impact of passive aggressive behavior in a marriage, I was thinking of … [Read more...]

Can a Passive Aggressive Person Change His Heart?

Most frequently, I receive letters from women readers asking the most urgent question, that shapes the relationship future: Can a passive aggressive person change his heart? It is really painful not to have ready a fast, reassuring answer, like: … [Read more...]

The Passive Aggressive Meaning

    After so many conversations about passive aggressive meaning we have had here, today I want to spell it in very clear terms: When people ask: "what is the meaning of passive aggression?"  the simple and direct answer is: "Passive … [Read more...]