Is Your Partner Emotionally Unavailable ?

If you have an emotionally unavailable spouse, does him make you feel starved?  We connect with others in this life using the attachment models we learned in our families. So, perhaps when you were growing up, you could marvel at the different ways … [Read more...]

Fair Fighting at the Holidays Can be Fulfilling, Not Frustrating

dolls card

Wait, you don't want to be fighting this holiday season, right? Family tension, long to-do lists, in-laws, calendars packed with events and parties... the holidays are fraught with possibilities for conflict.  Yet most people will tell you the … [Read more...]

Passive Aggression: The New American Epidemic?

In a recent article posted on AOL, Dr. Epstein (a Ph.D. based out of San Diego) revealed that 10 to 20% of American marriages are “sexless.” That is, sex happens once a month or less. Our neighbor in the blogosphere, PA Don’t Stand for “Palo … [Read more...]

Make Sure Your Passive Aggressive Husband Gets the Message

When a confrontation about your husband’s behavior doesn’t go as planned, and the wrong words spoil the purpose of confronting him, the consequences can be painful. Have you experienced this? What do you think went wrong? If you’re unsure … [Read more...]

Is silent treatment making you feel isolated and lost in Valentine’s Day? Here is our love!

We have been busy lately with a question that a client sent to us. She was looking at her situation, and noticing that she had a domestic situation where her husband would not attack her directly, but disappear in a cloud of silence for weeks at the … [Read more...]