How to resuscitate a dying marriage


Wishing to resuscitate a dying marriage just now?  I just received some reader's letter, where she describes her utter desolation because she is watching her ex-husband doing to the new fiancée all those nice behaviors she was dreaming … [Read more...]

How to Heal Damage from a Passive Aggressive Relationship

Sympathische Geschäftsfrau

  This is my Xmas message, and I want to be sure you get an inspiring message from here! Being in a passive aggressive marriage slowly chips away at important parts of your self-esteem. Why not using the end of the year as an opportunity to make a … [Read more...]

Should You Stay or Let Go a Bad Relationship?

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If you are unhappy, why not let go of a bad relationship? You know are in the wrong relationship, deep in your truest gut feeling. However, you don't tell that to anybody, not even to yourself...You get busy, muddle through and postpone any … [Read more...]

Do you know about the art of letting go?

We hear a lot about the fact that sometimes the only solution for our pain is "letting go..." What does it mean, and why it looks so difficult to accomplish? Do you remember attachment? we have explained in several ways how attachment works and … [Read more...]

How Can You Be Happy Again?

Are you wondering how can you be happy again? It has been said that marriage is the last chance we have to grow up. The main factor is that a marriage is a relationship where we choose the partner, and we select this person in purpose to play the … [Read more...]