Is Change Possible in Your Marriage? Let’s find out!

Sometimes, women on our Passive Aggressive Husband blog tell us that they don't think it's worth it to stay with a PA man. Of course, there are times when they are right. A man may have other problems besides PA that are endangering the wife's … [Read more...]

Being Ignored in Your Marriage Hurts!

What are the human needs about receiving some kind, caring attention?  Just look what happens when attention is not given: Looking for a new approach to the issue of healing the impact of passive aggressive behavior in a marriage, I was thinking of … [Read more...]

The Passive Aggressive Meaning

    After so many conversations about passive aggressive meaning we have had here, today I want to spell it in very clear terms: When people ask: "what is the meaning of passive aggression?"  the simple and direct answer is: "Passive … [Read more...]

My husband’s cold shoulder made of my home a silent war zone

  How can the cold shoulder treatment destroy a home? Perhaps all of you know that in the section "AskNora" we have a live discussion about the topics related to this blog. Usually, and what breaks my heart so frequently, there is some woman … [Read more...]

How to Learn to Be Happy For No Reason

 How can you Learn to Be Happy For No Reason? When you read most of the comments posted at AskNora, you can watch a lot of pain and loneliness. Sometimes I have a heavy heart watching so many women still waiting for a bit of happiness in their … [Read more...]