Time to raise your inner child?

If no one signed up to raise your inner child, it's time to do it yourself... Almost all our couple fights, here and now, are eerie reincarnations of childhood dramas of abandonment, lack of love, missing apppreciation...that recurr over and over … [Read more...]

What Valentine can you give your passive aggressive husband? go figure!


¬† When we first are in love, we see only the positive aspects of our loved one.... As time goes on, you will find yourself focusing more on some negative behaviors, behaviors that we feel "need improvement." Here is the risk: ¬†that path leads to … [Read more...]

What would make your Valentine’s Day happier?

Valentine is an opportunity to express warm feelings to each other. What is the difference you want this Valentine's day? Perhaps: - your buddy expressing his intention to celebrate you being in his life; -having him preparing a special outing for … [Read more...]

Giving from your time, your love, your wisdom

URGENT REMINDER: THIS IS THE MOMENT TO GIVE FROM YOUR TIME! TO GIVE FROM YOUR HEART; TO GIVE FROM YOURSELF: your stories; your ideas; your personal wisdom Nothing else counts, not even the most pricey gifts, but the gifts from your … [Read more...]

Are you still waiting for love from the emotionally unavailable man?

sexless passive aggressive marriage

Leave the emotionally unavailable man to himself and take responsibility for your emotional needs. You have been asking lots of questions about how to improve your love relationship; reading books and participating in forums where people gave … [Read more...]