Dealing with emotional abuse? here is help!


In their very useful cooperative way of writing articles, several authors at Wikihow have summarized ways for dealing with emotional abuse.   Here are some of the suggestions: Realize that you cannot change your partner, only your … [Read more...]

Is silent treatment making you feel isolated and lost in Valentine’s Day? Here is our love!

We have been busy lately with a question that a client sent to us. She was looking at her situation, and noticing that she had a domestic situation where her husband would not attack her directly, but disappear in a cloud of silence for weeks at the … [Read more...]

The Passive Aggressive Dance

WE ARE STUCK IN THIS DANCE: HERS HIS I feel let down, isolated, and lonely. If I  confront you to get you to see what is hurting me and come back to me.. It Just Drives You Away, You became defensive and justify … [Read more...]

Is Your Passive Aggressive Husband in Denial?

Some of the hardest tasks in healing the passive aggressive man are dealing with his various ways of denying his own behavior. What are the ways a passive aggressive may deny his toxic behavior? There are four main kinds to discuss here: • … [Read more...]

How to talk to a resistant husband?

Have you ever despaired of being understood, repressing those feelings of isolation and despair inside you? And why? Because you are afraid of creating a worse conflict if you speak up! My best friend, Anne, was at the end of her rope. Of course she … [Read more...]