Restore your balance in Thanksgiving by practicing “letting go”!

letting go of abuse

Wishing to let go of abusive relationships in your life? I know, I was thinking on the same vein...perhaps planning how to let go of old grudges and repair or forgive old hurts? Or perhaps stopping them from happening now for good? This season … [Read more...]

How to Be Happy Regardless Any Emotional Abuse

How to Be Happy Regardless Any Emotional Abuse I don't believe in blaming the abuse victim and at the same time I've always subscribed to the philosophy that we are all somehow responsible for our own happiness. This does not mean we are to blame … [Read more...]

How to Counter Attack a Passive Aggressive Husband?

passive aggressive husbands

Are you in the receiving end of attacks by your husband? In a marriage with a passive aggressive husband, underhanded and sneaky attacks are the passive aggressive husband preferred "weapons of mass destruction." You have been asking for a … [Read more...]