Time to raise your inner child?

If no one signed up to raise your inner child, it's time to do it yourself... Almost all our couple fights, here and now, are eerie reincarnations of childhood dramas of abandonment, lack of love, missing apppreciation...that recurr over and over … [Read more...]

Why My Emotional Needs Are Ignored In This Marriage?

power battle

We received this poignant letter...it doesn't ask for a response; only the possibility of being listened to in this important question: "Do my connection and emotional needs have a place in this marriage?" Of course, you know the response: A … [Read more...]

Preserve Your Emotional Health, enjoy the Holidays

Swedish Dining

In many families, emotional health is under attack by snide comments and frustrating, irritating actions that can pile up faster than presents under the tree at the holidays. ¬†Our worst sides show, as do those of our loved ones, rather than the best … [Read more...]