How to Stop a Narcissist Husband?

narcissistic husbaand

  You are in the middle of a conversation with this new aquaintance, and suddenly realize that, whatever the issue you are talking about, this person manages to drag the conversation towards themselves. If it is about the weather, it has to … [Read more...]

A secure partner is a responsive partner

How can we know if a person is a responsive and secure partner? When we imagine a life together with our chosen person, the main frame of that image has to give us a sense of security. This security¬† is an overall sense of confidence in a … [Read more...]

Why couples fight the same battle again and again?

Are you now stuck in a spiral of fighting about the same things again and again? We want to share an excellent article by Sue Johnson, the leading researcher in the field of attachment theory, who describes what's going on underneath the same old … [Read more...]

Still waiting for Prince Charming’s arrival?

Couple arguing at table

¬†Still Waiting for Prince Charming? Sometimes, some people hope and believe that falling in love will solve all frustrated needs experienced before. The assumption is: "this person will be in my life, and all my needs for support, companionship, … [Read more...]

Having both: Crisis and Resilience in our lives?

Crisis and Resilience go together...and we learn best under duress! We all go through rough periods, when we feel that being under duress, and responding to unexpected pressures coming from all angles drive us crazy....All the time the crisis is on … [Read more...]